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at his country 25 years ago and said we're on our knees because of oil and energy. he said we're going to use our natural gas exports to get europe dependent on us and use that as political leverage. we're going to export our oil and have money to rebuild our empire and he's done exactly that. >> you have seen and written and spoken a lot of diplomatic language when it comes to crises around the world with your experience with the defense department. when we hear leader after leader, president obama and just a little while ago defense secretary chuck hagel saying and i put this in quotes, deeply concerned. is that code for something? >> last week you had a u.s. secretary of defense say we're cutting the defense budget and not going to do the missions we've historically done. at the same time the russian defense minister said we are negotiating new naval bases around the world and fixing our cold war bases. >> what's interesting about your idea that you talked about the economics, what president reagan would do. it didn't focus on what is happening inside ukraine. they would decide thei
, putin has been using a number of weapons of coercion. especially energy. ukraine is dependent for about 70% of its natural gas from russia. and putin has wielded that very astutely. used it to undermine reformists, getti ian yanukovych back in po. that has failed in this instance and he's resorted to his more lethal weapon, the army. >> in the past, he has cut off that supply to ukraine. they're a vulnerable area financially. he knows all of this. what's his end game? >> well, ultimately, you know, like a lot of strong men or dictators, if you will, they need something to justify their power. and whipping up nationalism is a great way to do it. putin has said repeatedly, he thought the break-up of the ussa ha is a terrible thing. he want to re-create that. anyone who is part of the former ussr, putin looks at as a fake country. and so, you know, whipping up nationalism, going in and saying that you're going to protect russians in ukraine. the russians in ukraine were just fine and they would be fine under the new government there. that is, you know, an excuse to go in. and a flimsy one
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2